Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final Blog

I think the lesson that Denisse and I did in class was a success! Although the plan was not executed the way we wanted it to, it still was great I must admit I was a bit nervous at first because I was going to teach in front of my classmates and I was not too sure about the behaviors they were going to have. I felt a bit bad because I was a bit mean to the class but I had to do what I had to do. I feel like teachers can not be intimidated by their students. Honestly, if I was teaching a real second grade class, I do not think I would have done anything different. When class gets out of control, you have to try and bring the class back in control even if that means taking a bad wrap as being a mean teacher.
Denisse and I used a lesson plan that I had made for my Junior Field experience last semester. I thought it would be perfect to use because it was based on the Cloud Book. The only thing she and I really had to do was get the supplies. The biggest problem we had was getting the blue construction paper. We looked everywhere and could not find it. I think that was the only thing that did not go according to the lesson plan. Another thing I thought we could have done was have an extra activity or not waste time on handing out supplies while the other students were waiting.
The most important thing, I believe, we tried to teach the students was the names of the clouds and each characteristic it had. Also being able to write a characteristic about the cloud so we know the students were playing attention during the reading time and when Denisse and I went over each cloud.
Reflection of Podcast
My partner and I decided not to use the podcast for this lesson. Our podcast, we felt, was not well prepared. We felt like we could not find the time to perfect it. If we would have used a well prepared podcast, I believe it would have been effective. An advantage the podcast has is the students would not have to get up from their seats. I also believe that the students would have probably paid more attention being that it was a podcast when the story was being read.
Reflection on Classmates
I thought my classmates all did a great job on teaching. Some were more nervous than others and it just came out natural to most. I enjoyed participating in them. I learned a couple of techniques from each lesson that I would like to incorporate it in my future lessons. I thought most of them were well prepared and executed, as I mentioned before. Some of my classmates did however have some trouble trying to control the classroom. I think they all did the best job they could and will make excellent teachers!
One lesson i really enjoyed was Alejandra and Kathryn's lesson. I enjoyed the book they chose to read to the class and thought it would be a great book for the grade they taught. I really liked the stations they created. It kept each student occupied through out the entire lesson. I believed it was very organized. I also liked the jar idea Alejandra had. I thought that would be an excellent renforcer for the students. Overall it was well prepared and organized.
Another lesson I enjoyed was Lauren's lesson. I thought she kept the class under complete control. I also enjoyed the book she chose for the lesson. I believe it would teach the students the importance of friendships.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of Podcasting session

So.......we finished our podcast!!!!!! I would just like to thank Denisse for being such a good sport! We had to rerecord a couple of times because we kept messing up but its done. I think its the best one we have done so far. I am going to work on adding sound effects and pictures to the podcast to make it a bit more fun. We still have to discuss how we are going to do the lesson plan and pick 5 questions.

Well while I was blogging, Denisse was saving the podcast, Im not to sure what happened but our media is GONE!! After we finally finish recording the entire book with no errors, its gone. I feel like crying right now! Hopefully when we hit save, it saved. I hope we can find it =( Im keeping my fingers crossed!

Last Podcast day!

Today is our last day in the computer lab to finish our podcasts. I believe Denisse and I will get alot done. We have to finish podcasting our entire story and then decide which 5 questions we are going to use. We also have to decide whether will are going to team teach our lesson plans or teach them individually. Denisse does not feel well today, she has a small fever and her voice is a bit scratchy.....I hope we can get all we need done today.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Podcast trial for friday 9/25

As you probably noticed, I was not in class Friday because I woke up with a fever and did not feel well at all. I saw Denisse's blog and think she did a great job during my absence. Hopefully, Tuesday, we will be able to record the whole book with out any mistakes. (I believe Tuesday is our last day in the lab, so I hope we can get it done!) The questions I came up with are similar to those that Denisse posted. We will further discuss our plans and come up with an agreement. See you in class Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pre-recording The Cloud Book podcast Take 2

Well, the second try was not as good as the first try! We did not finsih take 2 but we are getting there. There were moments where we misread a word and started laughing. I believe we started off to a great start, now all we have to do is finish reading the whole book without any laughs or interruptions. Other than that I believe our podcast for "The Cloud Book" will be a success once we are finished. =)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Postcast Trail

The first podcasting trial was not that bad, even though it felt like it was 100 degrees in the lab. Denisse and I share the podcast account. We had to re-record our first episode a couple of times until we thought it was good enough to post. Its wierd to hear my own voice and I do not like it at all. LOL. I found it easier than I thought it would be. You can hear it if you would like, just click on the like below. =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pre-Podcasting Blog Posting

I am not too familiar with pod casting. What I do know is that you can watch free video's and download them on to your ipod in itunes. I believe I will learn exactly what pod casting is, how to use and incorporate it into my lesson. I believe that pod casting can be advantaging as a teacher because your students can have fun and record themselves reading a story. You can save it and use your podcast video in a later date with no penalty which is very convenient